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Configuration file for ipxd




The ipx_ticks file contains the configuration information required by ipxd, the IPX RIP/SAP daemon.

The RIP/SAP daemon can find out nearly all information it needs to run properly by scanning the file /proc/net/ipx_interfaces, and by asking other routers and servers on the net. The only information it can not get this way is the time it takes to send a packet over the different interfaces. This information is required by the IPX RIP protocol. It is specified in so-called ticks, which is about 55 ms per tick.

The format of this file is very simple. On each line of the file the tick value for a physical interface is specified. The first field is the name of the interface, and the ticks value follows after a white-space.  Empty lines as well as lines starting with '#' are ignored. A possible example is the following:

  # Tick values for IPX interfaces
  # device name    ticks value
  eth0             1
  ppp0             7

The default ticks value for devices not specified in /etc/ipx_ticks is 1.


Volker Lendecke <lendecke@namu01.gwdg.de>

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