ipmidetectd.conf - Man Page

ipmidetectd configuration file


The ipmidetectd configuration file configures the ipmidetectd daemon.

The default configuration file loaded is /etc/freeipmi//ipmidetectd.conf.

The configuration options that can be specified in the configuration file are listed below. Each configuration option must be listed on a separate line. Arguments for an option are separated by any amount of whitespace. Multiple arguments are also separated by whitespace. Comments can be marked by using the pound sign ("#") character, and lines can be continued on the next using backslash ("\").

Ipmidetectd Configuration Options

ipmiping_period num

Specify the period time in milliseconds that IPMI pings should be regularly sent out. Default is 15000.

ipmidetectd_server_port port

Specify the alternate default port the ipmidetectd server should listen for requests off of. Default is 9225.

host string[:port]

Specify a host or IP address the ipmidetectd daemon should send IPMI pings to. Can be specified as many times as necessary. An optional port can be specified. Can accept host ranges as input. See HOSTRANGED SUPPORT in ipmidetect(8) for information on ranged formats. If specifying an IPv6 address and port, use the format [ADDRESS]:PORT.



Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <freeipmi-users@gnu.org> or <freeipmi-devel@gnu.org>.

See Also

ipmidetectd(8), ipmidetect(8)


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