firehol-blacklist man page

firehol-blacklist — set up a unidirectional or bidirectional blacklist


blacklist [ full | all ] ip...

blacklist { input | them | him | her | it | this | these } ip...


The blacklist helper command creates a blacklist for the ip list given (which can be in quotes or not).

If the type full or one of its aliases is supplied, or no type is given, a bidirectional stateless blacklist will be generated. The firewall will REJECT all traffic going to the IP addresses and DROP all traffic coming from them.

If the type input or one of its aliases is supplied, a unidirectional stateful blacklist will be generated. Connections can be initiated to such IP addresses, but the IP addresses will not be able to connect to the firewall or hosts protected by it.

Any blacklists will affect all router and interface definitions. They must be declared before the first router or interface.


blacklist full
blacklist input ""

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