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epgsearchdirs.conf - Man Page

List of directories for selecting in epgsearch


This is one source of the 'Select directory' menu.

This file contain directories which can be used for search timers or ordinary timers.

The items displayed are read from the following sources:

   * current recording directories
   * current timer directories
   * directories used in search timers
   * directories specified in F<epgsearchdirs.conf>

The menu merges theses directories and displays only distinct directories. With key 'yellow' one can change the depth of the directories shown. If there are items, that contain category variables like '%genre%', these entries are always shown before any other directories. They are also not level dependent, but are always shown with their full directory.

If this menu is called from the timer edit menu and an item is selected that contains the variables "%title%" or "%subtitle" then the 'file' item of the timer gets cleared, since title or subtitle already exist in the 'directory' item.


Each line contains a directory. You can use every variable, internal ones those defined in epgsearchuservars.conf and the variables of the extended EPG.

See epgsearchcats.conf(5) and epgsearchuservars.conf(5).

Internal ones:

 %time%           - start time in format HH:MM
 %date%           - start date in format TT.MM.YY
 %datesh%         - start date in format TT.MM.
 %time_w%         - weekday name
 %time_d%         - start day in format TT
 %time_lng%       - start time in seconds since 1970-01-01 00:00
 %title%          - title
 %subtitle%       - subtitle


 %Category%~%Genre%~%Title%~%Episode%: %Subtitle%
 Information~Nature~%Title%~%Episode%: %Subtitle%

See Also

epgsearch(1), epgsearchcats.conf(5), epgsearchuservars.conf(5)

AUTHOR (man pages)

Mike Constabel <epgsearch (at) constabel (dot) net>

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Referenced By

epgsearch(1), epgsearch(4).

2024-04-12 perl v5.38.2 Epgsearch Version 2.4.1