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You can create blacklists in epgsearch and use them in searchtimers.

A blacklist entry is like a normal searchtimer which is saved in the file epgsearchblacklists.conf.

While editing an searchtimer you can select one ore more blacklist entries.


Searchtimer "Action" use blacklist "Damme".

Blacklist entry "Damme" searches "Damme"

First the searchtimer searches all films with "Action".

Then for each search result epgsearch will test if the result matches against "Damme". If so, the result will be dismissed.


This file uses the same syntax as epgsearch.conf except that theres no <use as searchtimer> field. So there's a shift by one field from this position. Because that, see epgsearch.conf(5).

See Also

epgsearch(1), epgsearch.conf(5)

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Mike Constabel <epgsearch (at) constabel (dot) net>

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