dput.cf - Man Page

Debian package upload tool configuration file


This manpage gives a brief overview of dput’s configuration file and the available options in it. dput is a tool to upload Debian packages to the archive.

Files and Format

dput reads, in order, these files:

  1. /etc/dput.cf
  2. ~/.dput.cf
  3. The file supplied via command line argument

By default all configuration file locations are parsed, and overlaid in a additive manner. This way both, entire profiles and actual settings within a profile is inherited from any parent location defining a key within the current scope.

dput.cf consists of different groups of configuration options, one for each host where you want to be able to upload packages. Hosts are defined using an identifier header with a short name for the host, enclosed in square brackets. Note that only if multiple such headers are encountered in the configuration, only the group following the last header is considered. This is done to avoid confusion when overriding a global configuration file with a user-specific one. There’s a special identifier, [DEFAULT], which holds default parameters for all the hosts. The defaults can be overridden by redefining them again in each host section.

Supported Keys

These keys are supported in dput.cf files. For their meaning refer to dput(5).

allow_dcut, allow_unsigned_uploads, allowed_distributions, default_host_main, default_keyid, fqdn, distributions, hash, incoming, method, login, passive_ftp, post_upload_command, pre_upload_command, run_lintian.

Unsupported Legacy Keys

These keys known and understood to the original dput implementation are not understood by dput-ng:


This command is mostly supported. However, there is no support for the rsync method.


This key is not supported. Use the --delayed switch from the command line, or set incoming to the actual delayed directory if you really rely on this key.


Not supported. Please submit a post-upload hook if you’d like to run dinstall.


Not supported.


Not supported yet.


SCP compression is enabled by default. This is, however not configurable currently.


Not supported. Please switch to the sftp method which supports your options from ssh_config(5) natively.

Unsupported Keys

These keys are not supported in old-style configuration files. However, their values are inherited from their new-style defaults. See dput(5) for details:

default_keyid, hooks, interface, meta, full_upload_log.


Please send bug reports to the author.



global dput configuration file


peruser dput configuration file


dput was originally written by Christian Kurz. Updated by Thomas Viehmann <tv@beamnet.de>. dput-ng does not re-use notable portions of code, but was heavily inspired by its behavior. Much appreciated.

dput-ng was originally written by Arno Töll <arno(a)debian.org> and Paul Richard I by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Debian and Ubuntu and of his other realms and territories King Head of the Fluxbox Window Manager Defender of the Faith Tagliamonte <paultag(a)debian.org>.

See Also

dput(1), dput(5)


Copyright © 2012 dput-ng authors. Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2 or later.

Referenced By

dcut(1), dgit-downstream-dsc(7), dirt(1), dput(1), dput(5).