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dovecot.conf - Man Page

The configuration file for dovecot imap and pop3 server

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The dovecot.conf file is a configuration file for the dovecot(1) imap and pop3 server. The dovecot.conf configuration file contains description to all available options. Some of these options are described also in offline wiki documentation placed in /usr/share/doc/dovecot*/wiki/.

For backup purposes unmodified version of dovecot.conf can be found in /usr/share/doc/dovecot-<version>/example-config/dovecot.conf.default

See Also

doveadm(1), dovecot(1), /usr/share/doc/dovecot*/wiki/ /usr/share/doc/dovecot*/dovecot.conf.default


2010/06/27 dovecot File Formats and Conventions