default_type man page

default_type — The SELinux default type configuration file


The default_type file contains entries that allow SELinux-aware applications such as newrole(1) to select a default type for a role if one is not supplied.

selinux_default_type_path(3) will return the active policy path to this file. The default, default type file is:


Where {SELINUXTYPE} is the entry from the selinux configuration file config (see selinux_config(5)).

get_default_type(3) reads this file to determine a type for the active policy.

File Format

Each line within the default_type file is formatted with role:type entries where:

The SELinux role. type
The domain type that is returned for this role.


# ./contexts/default_type

See Also

selinux(8), get_default_type(3), newrole(1), selinux_default_type_path(3), selinux_config(5)


28-Nov-2011 Security Enhanced Linux SELinux configuration