containers-certs.d - Man Page

Directory for storing custom container-registry TLS configurations


A custom TLS configuration for a container registry can be configured by creating a directory under $HOME/.config/containers/certs.d or /etc/containers/certs.d. The name of the directory must correspond to the host:port of the registry (e.g.,

Directory Structure

A certs directory can contain one or more files with the following extensions:

Note that the client certificate-key pair will be selected by the file name (e.g., client.{cert,key}). An exemplary setup for a registry running at may look as follows:

/etc/containers/certs.d/    <- Certificate directory
└──    <- Hostname:port
   ├── client.cert          <- Client certificate
   ├── client.key           <- Client key
   └── ca.crt               <- Certificate authority that signed the registry certificate


Feb 2019, Originally compiled by Valentin Rothberg ⟨⟩

Referenced By

containers-registries.conf(5), podman-build(1), podman-container-runlabel(1), podman-image-sign(1), podman-login(1), podman-manifest-add(1), podman-manifest-push(1), podman-play-kube(1), podman-pull(1), podman-push(1), skopeo-login(1).

Directory for storing