charset.conf - Man Page

Configuration file for legacy character set support by Sympa


In some language environments, legacy encoding (character set) is preferred for e-mail messages: For example iso-2022-jp in Japanese language.

charset.conf defines mapping between language context and legacy character set for service messages sent by Sympa.  If you want to enable legacy character set support, simply copy sample charset.conf onto configuration directory:

    # cp $DEFAULTDIR/charset.conf $SYSCONFDIR/charset.conf

And set the legacy_character_support_feature parameter value in sympa.conf to on.


If you are planning to upgrade Sympa earlier than 5.3a.8, original charset.conf is required to convert shared documents during upgrade process.



Distribution default.  This file should not be edited.


Configuration file.

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Legacy character set support appeared on Sympa 6.0.

This document was initially written by IKEDA Soji <> at 16, Mar 2009, and modified by VERDIN David <> at 27, April 2009.

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sympa_config(5), sympa_toc(1).

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