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boom.conf is loaded during the initialisation of boom and contains configuration keys affecting boom's global behaviour and the setting of boom's legacy configuration support.

The file is structured in INI format: section headers appear in square brackets and configuration values appear as key-value pairs with one pair per line.



The global section contains the boot_path and boom_path keys that may be used to override the location of the /boot mount point and /boot/boom configuration directory respectively.


The legacy section contains settings to enable and configure support for non-BLS boot loader configuration formats.

To enable legacy boot loader support set the enable key to yes or true and set the format key to the required format (currently only grub syntax is supported).

If the value of the sync key is true the legacy configuration will be automatically written whenever entries are added, removed, or modified.


The cache section contains settings that control the behavior of the boom boot image cache. The enable key enables or disables the boot image cache: if the cache is disabled then the boom cache command and cache-related options such as --backup are not available.

The path to the on-disk cache may be changed by setting the cache_path key. By default the cache is located in a subdirectory of /boot at /boot/boom/cache. Alternately a separate file system may be used to contain the cache (mounted at this path or another location specified in boom.conf). In this case the cache file system should be configured to be mounted at the same location in all installed operating system instances.

If the auto_clean key is enabled boom will automatically remove cache entries when they are no longer used by a boom boot entry.


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