bluechi-agent.conf - Man Page

Configuration file to bootstrap bluechi-agent


The basic file definition used to bootstrap bluechi-agent.


The bluechi-agent configuration file is using the systemd configuration file format ⟨⟩. Contrary to this, there is no need for the \ symbol at the end of a line to continue a value on the next line. A value continued on multiple lines will just be concatenated by bluechi. The maximum line length supported is 500 characters. If the value exceeds this limitation, use multiple, indented lines.

bluechi-agent section

All fields to bootstrap the bluechi-agent are contained in the bluechi-agent section. The following keys are understood by bluechi-agent.

NodeName (string)

The unique name of this agent. The option defaults to the system's hostname.

ControllerAddress (string)

SD Bus address used by bluechi-agent to connect to bluechi. See man sd_bus_set_address for its format. Overrides any setting of ControllerHost or ControllerPort defined in the configuration file as well as the respective CLI options. The option doesn't have a default value.

ControllerHost (string)

The host used by bluechi-agent to connect to bluechi. Must be a valid IPv4 or IPv6. ControllerHost defaults to localhost It's mandatory to set this field if the bluechi agent is on a remote system.

ControllerPort (uint16_t)

The port on which bluechi is listening for connection request and the bluechi-agent is connecting to. By default port 842 is used.

HeartbeatInterval (long)

The interval between two heartbeat signals sent to bluechi in milliseconds. If an agent is not connected, it will retry to connect on each heartbeat. Setting this options to values smaller or equal to 0 disables it. This option will overwrite the heartbeat interval defined in the configuration file.

LogLevel (string)

The level used for logging. Supported values are:

  • INFO
  • WARN

By default INFO level is used for logging.

LogTarget (string)

The target where logs are written to. Supported values are:

  • stderr
  • stderr-full
  • journald

By default journald is used as the target.

LogIsQuiet (string)

If this flag is set to true, no logs are written by bluechi. By default the flag is set to false.

IPReceiveErrors (string)

If this flag is set to true, it enables extended, reliable error message passing for the peer connection with the controller. This results in BlueChi receiving errors such as host unreachable ICMP packets instantly and possibly dropping the connection. This is useful to detect disconnects faster, but should be used with care as this might cause unnecessary disconnects in less robut networks. Default: true.

TCPKeepAliveTime (long)

The number of seconds the TCP connection of the agent with the controller needs to be idle before keepalive packets are sent. When TCPKeepAliveTime is set to 0, the system default will be used. Default: 1s.

TCPKeepAliveInterval (long)

The number of seconds between each keepalive packet. When TCPKeepAliveInterval is set to 0, the system default will be used. Default: 1s.

TCPKeepAliveCount (long)

The number of keepalive packets without ACK from the controller till the connection is dropped. When TCPKeepAliveCount is set to 0, the system default will be used. Default: 6.


Using ControllerHost and ControllerPort options:


Using ControllerAddress option:


Using a value that is continued on multiple lines:



Distributions provide the /usr/share/bluechi/config/agent.conf file which defines bluechi-agent configuration defaults. Administrators can copy this file to /etc/bluechi/agent.conf and specify their own configuration.

Administrators can also use a "drop-in" directory /etc/bluechi/agent.conf.d to drop their configuration changes.

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Referenced By

bluechi-agent(1), bluechi-controller.conf(5), qm(8).