backupninja.conf man page

BACKUPNINJA.CONF — Configuration file(s) for backupninja (1).




backupninja.conf is the general configuration file. In this file you can set the log level and change the default directory locations. You can force a different general configuration file with "backupninja -f /path/to/conf".


How verbose to make the logs.
5 = Debugging messages
4 = Informational messages
3 = Warnings
2 = Errors
1 = Fatal errors
Send a summary of the backup status to this email address
If set to 'yes', a report email will be generated even if all modules reported success.
If set to 'yes', a report email will be generated even if there was no error.
The path of the logfile.
The directory where all the backup action configuration files live.
Where backupninja handler scripts are found
If set to 'yes', use colors in the log file and debug output.

When to process each configuration file. The value used here will be applied for each configuration file. It is possibile to override this "when" in each each configuration file, see also section "Scheduling" in backup.d(5).

For example:

when = sundays at 02:00
when = 30th at 22
when = 30 at 22:00
when = everyday at 01 <-- the default
when = Tuesday at 05:00

These values for 'when' are equivalent:

when = tuesday at 05:30
when = TUESDAYS at 05

These values for 'when' are invalid:

when = tuesday at 2am
when = tuesday at 2
when = tues at 02

If you are using Linux-Vservers (, there are some special capabilities that different handlers have to make vserver backups easier. See the example configuration files for each handler to configure the vserver specific variables.


loglevel = 4
reportemail = root
reportsuccess = yes
reportwarning = yes
logfile = /var/log/backupninja.log
configdirectory = /etc/backup.d
scriptdirectory = /usr/share/backupninja
usecolors = yes
when = everyday at 01:00
vservers = no

See Also

backupninja(1), ninjahelper(1), backup.d(5),


BACKUPNINJA was written by the collective.

Referenced By

backup.d(5), backupninja(1), ninjahelper(1).

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