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axports - Man Page

AX.25 port configuration file.


axports is an ASCII file that contains information about each of the physical AX.25 ports that are to be used. When dealing with an AX.25 utility such as call, it takes an argument that is the port name. This port name is a reference to the line within axports, which has that name as its first argument. The information on each line contains enough information to bind the command to a particular physical AX.25 interface, this binding is done by matching the callsign on the line in axports with the callsign of the port set by kissattach.

The lines within axports must either be a comment line, which starts with a # in the first column, or a port description in the following format, each field being delimited by white space:

name callsign speed paclen window description

The field descriptions are:


is the unique identifier of the port. This is the name given as the port argument of many of the AX.25 support programs. This is not in any way related to actual device identities, just unique


the callsign of the physical interface to bind to.


this is the speed of interface, a value of zero means that no speed will be set by kissattach(8).


is the default maximum packet size for this interface.


the default window size for this interface.


a free format description of this interface, this field extends to the end of the line. This field may contain spaces.



See Also

call(1), ax25(4), axparms(8), kissattach(8).

Referenced By

ax25(4), ax25d.conf(5), ax25rtd.conf(5), axctl(8), axdigi(8), axparms(8), beacon(8), bpqparms(8), call(1), flexd.conf(5), kissattach(8), kissparms(8), netromd(8), nrbroadcast(5), rsparms(8), rxecho(8), uronode(8), uronode.conf(5), uronode.perms(5).

2008-Feb-04 Linux Programmer's Manual