awesomerc - Man Page

Configuration file for the awesome window manager


awesome looks for a configuration file in this order:


The rc.lua file contains configuration information for awesome. It can be used to configure the behavior and look of awesome in a variety of ways. It can be assimilated as a Lua program/script run at startup by awesome. Therefore, it should use the awesome Lua API described in the API section. This file is read at startup.

Awesome Lua API

Documentation for the Lua API can be found in the luadoc directory.

Colors Format

The color format in awesome is either a standard X color name (blue, darkblue, lightred, etc) or a hexadecimal formatted color (#rrggbb or #rrggbbaa). By using the hexadecimal format, you can also specify an alpha channel: that means that #00ff00 will draw pure green, but #00ff00aa will set the alpha channel to ‘aa’ and will blend the green with the color under it.

Text Format

You can use Pango markup in a text string. This allows formatting the text rendered inside widgets. Pango markup documentation can be found in the Pango documentation at

A Pango markup example: <span weight="bold" foreground="#336699">...</span>.

See Also

awesome(1) awesome-client(1)


Written by Julien Danjou


Referenced By

awesome(1), awesome-client(1).