authselect-profiles man page

authselect-profiles — how to extend authselect profiles.


This manual page explains how are authselect profiles organized and how to create new profiles.

Profile Directories

Profiles can be found in one of three directories.


Read-only directory containing profiles shipped together with authselect.


Read-only directory for vendor-specific profiles that can override the ones in default directory.


Place for administrator-defined profiles.

Profile Files

Each profile consist of one or more of these files which provide a mandatory profile description and describe the changes that are done to the system.


Description of the profile. The first line must be a name of the profile.


PAM stack that is included from nearly all individual service configuration files.

password-auth, smartcard-auth, fingerprint-auth

These PAM stacks are for applications which handle authentication from different types of devices via simultaneously running individual conversations instead of one aggregate conversation.


The purpose of this PAM stack is to provide a common place for all PAM modules which should be called after the stack configured in system-auth or the other common PAM configuration files. It is included from all individual service configuration files that provide login service with shell or file access. NOTE: the modules in the postlogin configuration file are executed regardless of the success or failure of the modules in the system-auth configuration file.


Name Service Switch configuration file.

Conditional Lines

Each of these files serves as a template which can contain two types of conditions that can modify resulting content.


If the argument is provided to the profile, the next line following the condition is included to the file.


If the argument is provided to the profile, the next line following the condition is not included to the file.


If the argument is not given, the whole rest of the file is not included to the result.


Here is an example of the first condition type. If with-sudo is provided as an argument to the profile, sudoers line is included in the resulting nsswitch configuration together wish sss source. Otherwise it is included only with files source.

passwd:     sss files
group:      sss files
netgroup:   sss files
automount:  sss files
services:   sss files
sudoers:    files sss
sudoers:    files

Here is an example of the second condition type. Unless with-smartcard is given as an argument to the profile, the whole file will be empty.

auth        required                           
auth        required                            delay=2000000
auth        required                            preauth silent deny=4 unlock_time=1200
auth        [default=1 ignore=ignore success=ok] uid >= 1000 quiet
auth        [default=1 ignore=ignore success=ok]
auth        sufficient                          nullok try_first_pass
auth        requisite                           uid >= 1000 quiet_success
auth        sufficient                          forward_pass
auth        required                            authfail deny=4 unlock_time=1200
auth        required                           

Creating a New Profile

To register a new profile within authselect, create a directory in one of the authselect profile locations with the files listed above. Not all of the files must be present, only README is mandatory. Other files can be created on per-need basis.

See Also

authselect(8), nsswitch.conf(5), PAM(8)

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