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apk-repositories - Man Page

list of package repositories


/etc/apk/repositories is the list of package repositories apk(8) uses to retrieve package files for installation. Each line of this file specifies the location of a package repository, and optionally a tag.

The location may be an http://, https://, or ftp:// URL, or the path to a directory on the local filesystem. A tagged repository is prefixed with the @tag specifier, followed by a space and the repository location. For more information about repository tags, see apk-world(5).

Repository Layout

Each repository must store an index at $repository/$arch/APKINDEX.tar.gz. See apk-index(8) for information about generating this file. The packages themselves are stored at $repository/$arch/$pkgname-$pkgver-r$pkgrel.apk.

apk(8) verifies that each of these files has a valid cryptographic signature unless explicitly told not to via the --allow-untrusted flag. See abuild-keygen(1) for information about generating keys, apk-keys(5) to add keys to the list of trusted keys, abuild-sign(1) for information about using these keys to sign files, and apk-verify(8) for information about verifying those signatures.

Updating Indicies

apk(8) fetches and stores the index for each package repository at /var/lib/cache. To fetch fresh indicies for all configured repositories, use apk-update(8).

Referenced By

apk-fetch(8), apk-policy(8), apk-update(8), apk-upgrade(8), apk-version(8), apk-world(5).