aerc-maildir - Man Page

maildir configuration for aerc(1)


aerc implements the maildir format.


Maildir accounts currently are not supported with the :new-account command and must be added manually to the accounts.conf file (see aerc-accounts(5)).

The following maildir-specific options are available:

check-mail-cmd = <command>

Command to run in conjunction with check-mail option.


check-mail-cmd = mbsync -a

check-mail-timeout = <duration>

Timeout for the check-mail-cmd. The command will be stopped if it does not complete in this interval and an error will be displayed. Increase from the default if repeated errors occur

Default: 10s

source = maildir|maildirpp://<path>

The source indicates the path to the directory containing your maildirs rather than one maildir specifically.

The path portion of the URL following maildir:// must be either an absolute path prefixed by / or a path relative to your home directory prefixed with ~. For example:

source = maildir:///home/me/mail

source = maildir://~/mail

If your maildir is using the Maildir++ directory layout, you can use the maildirpp:// scheme instead:

source = maildirpp:///home/me/mail

source = maildirpp://~/mail

See Also

aerc(1) aerc-accounts(5) aerc-smtp(5) aerc-notmuch(5)


Originally created by Drew DeVault <> and maintained by Robin Jarry <> who is assisted by other open source contributors. For more information about aerc development, see

Referenced By

aerc(1), aerc-accounts(5), aerc-config(5), aerc-notmuch(5).