abrt-xorg.conf man page

abrt-xorg.conf ā€” Configuration file for abrt-action-analyze-xorg


The abrt-action-analyze-xorg tool processes Xorg crash problem data and generates deduplication hashes for it.

The configuration file consists of items in the format "Option = Value". Currently, only one item exists:

BlacklistedXorgModules = moduleName, moduleName ...

Xorg crash will be ignored if any of the listed Xorg modules were loaded at the time of the crash. Module names should be without "_drv.so" suffix: use buggymodule, not buggymodule_drv or buggymodule_drv.so.

See Also

abrt-action-analyze-xorg(1) abrt.conf(5)



09/15/2018 abrt 2.10.10 ABRT Manual