abrt-xorg.conf man page

abrt-xorg.conf ā€” Configuration file for 'abrt-action-analyze-xorg' and 'abrt-dump-journal-xorg'




The configuration file consists of items in the format "Option = Value". Currently, two items exist:

BlacklistedXorgModules = list

Comma-separated list of modules which make Xorg crashes non-reportable when loaded. Names should be without the "_drv.so" suffix.

Default is fglrx, nvidia, vboxvideo.

JournalFilters = list

Comma-separated list of filters used to search for Xorg crashes in journal.

Default is _COMM=gdm-x-session, _COMM=gnome-shell.



See Also

abrt-action-analyze-xorg(1), abrt-dump-journal-xorg(1), abrt.conf(5)


Referenced By

abrt-action-analyze-xorg(1), abrt-dump-journal-xorg(1).

02/07/2020 abrt 2.14.0 ABRT Manual