abrt-oops.conf - Man Page

Configuration file for ABRT's Kernel Oops extractor




The configuration file consists of items in the format "Option = Value". The following items are recognized:

DropNotReportableOopses = yes/no

If enabled, ABRT will preserve only reportable oopses.

Default is no, keep all oopses.

OnlyFatalMCE = yes/no

Many Machine Check Exceptions can be corrected and are thus not interesting to users. Moreover, some hardware may produce plenty of MCEs by design. Enabling this option will configure ABRT to detect only the fatal MCEs.

Default is no, detect all MCEs.



See Also

abrt-dump-journal-oops(1), abrt-dump-oops(1), abrt.conf(5)


Referenced By

abrt-dump-journal-oops(1), abrt-dump-oops(1).

02/19/2024 abrt 2.17.5 ABRT Manual