abrt-CCpp.conf - Man Page

Configuration file for ABRT's core dump crash hook




The configuration file consists of items in the format "Option = Value". Ithe following items are recognized:

DebuginfoLocation = directory

Specify directories where ABRT should look for non-system debuginfos. This is a colon-separated list of file system paths.

Beware the first path in the list is used by ABRT to save downloaded debuginfos, therefore the first path in the list must be writable, the rest of the list can be read-only.

Default is /var/cache/abrt-di.

PackageManager = yum/dnf

Specify the package manager used for downloading debuginfo packages.

Default is dnf.

VerboseLog = integer

Verbosity level for the hook. Used for debugging.

Default is 0.



See Also

abrt.conf(5) abrt-action-generate-core-backtrace(1)



07/20/2022 abrt 2.15.1 ABRT Manual