intel-virtual-output man page

intel-virtual-output — Utility for connecting the Integrated Intel GPU to discrete outputs


intel-virtual-output [<remote display>] <output name>...


intel-virtual-output is a utility for Intel integrated graphics chipsets on hybrid systems. The tool connects local VirtualHeads to a remote output, allowing the primary display to extend onto the remote outputs.

Reporting Bugs

The xf86-video-intel driver is part of the X.Org and Freedesktop.org umbrella projects. Details on bug reporting can be found at https://01.org/linuxgraphics/documentat…. Mailing lists are also commonly used to report experiences and ask questions about configuration and other topics. See lists.freedesktop.org for more information (the xorg@lists.freedesktop.org mailing list is the most appropriate place to ask X.Org and driver related questions).

See Also

intel(4), Xorg(1), xorg.conf(5), Xserver(1), X(7)


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