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This manual page is part of the POSIX Programmer's Manual. The Linux implementation of this interface may differ (consult the corresponding Linux manual page for details of Linux behavior), or the interface may not be implemented on Linux.

posix_spawnattr_getschedpolicy, posix_spawnattr_setschedpolicy ā€” get and set the spawn-schedpolicy attribute of a spawn attributes object (ADVANCED REALTIME)


#include <spawn.h>
#include <sched.h>

int posix_spawnattr_getschedpolicy(const posix_spawnattr_t
    *restrict attr, int *restrict schedpolicy);
int posix_spawnattr_setschedpolicy(posix_spawnattr_t *attr,
    int schedpolicy);


The posix_spawnattr_getschedpolicy() function shall obtain the value of the spawn-schedpolicy attribute from the attributes object referenced by attr.

The posix_spawnattr_setschedpolicy() function shall set the spawn-schedpolicy attribute in an initialized attributes object referenced by attr.

The spawn-schedpolicy attribute represents the scheduling policy to be assigned to the new process image in a spawn operation (if POSIX_SPAWN_SETSCHEDULER is set in the spawn-flags attribute). The default value of this attribute is unspecified.

Return Value

Upon successful completion, posix_spawnattr_getschedpolicy() shall return zero and store the value of the spawn-schedpolicy attribute of attr into the object referenced by the schedpolicy parameter; otherwise, an error number shall be returned to indicate the error.

Upon successful completion, posix_spawnattr_setschedpolicy() shall return zero; otherwise, an error number shall be returned to indicate the error.


These functions may fail if:


The value specified by attr is invalid.

The posix_spawnattr_setschedpolicy() function may fail if:


The value of the attribute being set is not valid.

The following sections are informative.



Application Usage

These functions are part of the Spawn and Process Scheduling options and need not be provided on all implementations.



Future Directions


See Also

posix_spawn(), posix_spawnattr_destroy(), posix_spawnattr_getsigdefault(), posix_spawnattr_getflags(), posix_spawnattr_getpgroup(), posix_spawnattr_getschedparam(), posix_spawnattr_getsigmask()

The Base Definitions volume of POSIX.1-2008, <sched.h>, <spawn.h>

Referenced By

posix_spawn(3p), posix_spawnattr_destroy(3p), posix_spawnattr_getflags(3p), posix_spawnattr_getpgroup(3p), posix_spawnattr_getschedparam(3p), posix_spawnattr_getsigdefault(3p), posix_spawnattr_getsigmask(3p), spawn.h(0p).

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