if_freenameindex man page


This manual page is part of the POSIX Programmer's Manual. The Linux implementation of this interface may differ (consult the corresponding Linux manual page for details of Linux behavior), or the interface may not be implemented on Linux.

if_freenameindex — free memory allocated by if_nameindex


#include <net/if.h>

void if_freenameindex(struct if_nameindex *ptr);


The if_freenameindex() function shall free the memory allocated by if_nameindex(). The ptr argument shall be a pointer that was returned by if_nameindex(). After if_freenameindex() has been called, the application shall not use the array of which ptr is the address.


No errors are defined.

The following sections are informative.

See Also

getsockopt(), if_indextoname(), if_nameindex(), if_nametoindex(), setsockopt()

The Base Definitions volume of POSIX.1‐2008, <net_if.h>


2013 IEEE/The Open Group POSIX Programmer's Manual