zzip_tell - Man Page



#include <zzip/lib.h>

zzip_off_t zzip_tell((ZZIP_FILE * fp));

long zzip_tell32((ZZIP_FILE * fp));


The zzip_tell function will tell(2) the current position in a real/zipped file

It will return the current offset within the real/zipped file, measured in uncompressed bytes for the zipped-file case.

If the file-handle is wrapping a stat'able file then it will actually just perform a normal tell(2)-call, otherwise the offset is calculated from the amount of data left and the total uncompressed size;

The zzip_tell32 function is provided for users who can not use any largefile-mode.


Referenced By

The man page zzip_tell32(3) is an alias of zzip_tell(3).

0.13.71 zziplib Function List