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#include <zzip/lib.h>

zzip_opendir(zzip_char_t * filename)

zzip_opendir_ext_io(zzip_char_t * filename, int o_modes,
                    zzip_strings_t * ext, zzip_plugin_io_t io)


The zzip_opendir function is the equivalent of opendir(3) for a realdir or zipfile.

The zzip_opendir function has some magic - if the given argument-path is a directory, it will wrap a real opendir(3) into the ZZIP_DIR structure. Otherwise it will divert to zzip_dir_open which can also attach a ".zip" extension if needed to find the archive.

the error-code is mapped to errno(3).  

The zzip_opendir_ext_io function uses explicit ext and io instead of the internal defaults, setting them to zero is equivalent to zzip_opendir  


Guido Draheim <guidod@gmx.de>

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The man page zzip_opendir_ext_io(3) is an alias of zzip_opendir(3).

0.13.72 zziplib Function List