zzip_init_io - Man Page

init plugin struct.


#include <zzip/lib.h>

int zzip_init_io((zzip_plugin_io_handlers_t io, int flags));

zzip_plugin_io_t zzip_get_default_io((void));


The zzip_init_io function initializes the users handler struct to default values being the posix io functions in default configured environments.

Note that the target io_handlers_t structure should be static or atleast it should be kept during the lifetime of zzip operations.

The zzip_get_default_io function returns a zzip_plugin_io_t handle to static defaults wrapping the posix io file functions for actual file access. The returned structure is shared by all threads in the system.


Referenced By

The man page zzip_get_default_io(3) is an alias of zzip_init_io(3).

0.13.71 zziplib Function List