zzip_file_real - Man Page

check real or zipped file.


#include <zzip/lib.h>

zzip_file_real(ZZIP_FILE * fp)

zzip_dir_real(ZZIP_DIR * dir)

void *
zzip_realdir(ZZIP_DIR * dir)

zzip_realfd(ZZIP_FILE * fp)


The zzip_file_real function checks if the ZZIP_FILE-handle is wrapping a real file or a zip-contained file. Returns 1 for a stat'able file, and 0 for a file inside a zip-archive.  

The zzip_dir_real function checks if the ZZIP_DIR-handle is wrapping a real directory or a zip-archive. Returns 1 for a stat'able directory, and 0 for a handle to zip-archive.  

The zzip_realdir function returns the posix DIR* handle (if one exists). Check before with zzip_dir_real if the the ZZIP_DIR points to a real directory.  

The zzip_realfd function returns the posix file descriptor (if one exists). Check before with zzip_file_real if the the ZZIP_FILE points to a real file.  


Guido Draheim <guidod@gmx.de>

Referenced By

The man pages zzip_dir_real(3), zzip_realdir(3) and zzip_realfd(3) are aliases of zzip_file_real(3).

0.13.72 zziplib Function List