zzip_dir_open man page

zzip_dir_open, zzip_dir_open_ext_io, zzip_dir_read — ...


#include <zzip/lib.h>

ZZIP_DIR * zzip_dir_open((zzip_char_t * filename, zzip_error_t * e));

ZZIP_DIR * zzip_dir_open_ext_io((zzip_char_t * filename, zzip_error_t * e, zzip_strings_t * ext, zzip_plugin_io_t io));

int zzip_dir_read((ZZIP_DIR * dir, ZZIP_DIRENT * d));


the zzip_dir_open_ext_io function uses explicit ext and io instead of the internal defaults. Setting these to zero is equivalent to zzip_dir_open Note that the referenced ext_io plugin handlers structure must be static as it is not copied to the returned ZZIP_DIR structure.

fills the dirent-argument with the values and increments the read-pointer of the dir-argument.

returns 0 if there no entry (anymore).


Referenced By

The man pages zzip_dir_open_ext_io(3) and zzip_dir_read(3) are aliases of zzip_dir_open(3).

0.13.68 zziplib Function List