zzip_dir_free - Man Page


#include <zzip/lib.h>

int zzip_dir_free((ZZIP_DIR * dir));

int zzip_dir_close((ZZIP_DIR * dir));


The zzip_dir_free function will free the zzip_dir handle unless there are still zzip_files attached (that may use its cache buffer). This is the inverse of zzip_dir_alloc , and both are helper functions used implicitly in other zzipcalls e.g. zzip_dir_close = zzip_close

returns zero on success returns the refcount when files are attached.

It will also free(2) the ZZIP_DIR-handle given. the counterpart for zzip_dir_open see also zzip_dir_free


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The man page zzip_dir_close(3) is an alias of zzip_dir_free(3).

0.13.71 zziplib Function List