zzip_dir_alloc_ext_io man page

zzip_dir_alloc_ext_io, zzip_dir_alloc — ...


#include <zzip/lib.h>

ZZIP_DIR * zzip_dir_alloc_ext_io((zzip_strings_t * ext, const zzip_plugin_io_t io));

ZZIP_DIR * zzip_dir_alloc((zzip_strings_t * fileext));


the zzip_dir_alloc function is obsolete - it was generally used for implementation and exported to let other code build on it. It is now advised to use zzip_dir_alloc_ext_io now on explicitly, just set that second argument to zero to achieve the same functionality as the old style.


Referenced By

The man page zzip_dir_alloc(3) is an alias of zzip_dir_alloc_ext_io(3).

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