zmq_z85_decode - Man Page

decode a binary key from Z85 printable text


uint8_t *zmq_z85_decode (uint8_t *dest, const char *string);


The zmq_z85_decode() function shall decode string into dest. The length of string shall be divisible by 5. dest must be large enough for the decoded value (0.8 x strlen (string)).

The encoding shall follow the ZMQ RFC 32 specification.

Return Value

The zmq_z85_decode() function shall return dest if successful, else it shall return NULL.


Decoding a CURVE key.

const char decoded [] = "rq:rM>}U?@Lns47E1%kR.o@n%FcmmsL/@{H8]yf7";
uint8_t public_key [32];
zmq_z85_decode (public_key, decoded);

See Also

zmq_z85_decode(3) zmq_curve_keypair(3) zmq_curve_public(3) zmq_curve(7)


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zmq(7), zmq_curve(7), zmq_curve_keypair(3), zmq_curve_public(3), zmq_z85_encode(3).

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