zmq_msg_size - Man Page

retrieve message content size in bytes


size_t zmq_msg_size (zmq_msg_t *msg);


The zmq_msg_size() function shall return the size in bytes of the content of the message object referenced by msg.


Never access zmq_msg_t members directly, instead always use the zmq_msg family of functions.

Return Value

Upon successful completion, zmq_msg_size() shall return the size of the message content in bytes.


No errors are defined.

See Also

zmq_msg_data(3) zmq_msg_init(3) zmq_msg_init_size(3) zmq_msg_init_buffer(3) zmq_msg_init_data(3) zmq_msg_close(3) zmq(7)


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Referenced By

zmq(7), zmq_msg_close(3), zmq_msg_data(3), zmq_msg_init(3), zmq_msg_init_buffer(3), zmq_msg_init_data(3), zmq_msg_init_size(3).

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