zmq_msg_move man page

zmq_msg_move — move content of a message to another message


int zmq_msg_move (zmq_msg_t *dest, zmq_msg_t *src);


The zmq_msg_move() function shall move the content of the message object referenced by src to the message object referenced by dest. No actual copying of message content is performed, dest is simply updated to reference the new content. src becomes an empty message after calling zmq_msg_move(). The original content of dest, if any, shall be released.


Never access zmq_msg_t members directly, instead always use the zmq_msg family of functions.

Return Value

The zmq_msg_move() function shall return zero if successful. Otherwise it shall return -1 and set errno to one of the values defined below.



Invalid message.

See Also

zmq_msg_copy(3) zmq_msg_init(3) zmq_msg_init_size(3) zmq_msg_init_data(3) zmq_msg_close(3) zmq(7)


This manual page was written by the 0MQ community.

Referenced By

zmq(7), zmq_cpp(7), zmq_msg_copy(3).

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0MQ 2.2.0 04/04/2012