zmq_curve_keypair - Man Page

generate a new CURVE keypair


int zmq_curve_keypair (char *z85_public_key, char *z85_secret_key);


The zmq_curve_keypair() function shall return a newly generated random keypair consisting of a public key and a secret key. The caller provides two buffers, each at least 41 octets large, in which this method will store the keys. The keys are encoded using zmq_z85_encode(3).

Return Value

The zmq_curve_keypair() function shall return 0 if successful, else it shall return -1 and set errno to one of the values defined below.



The libzmq library was not built with cryptographic support (libsodium).


Generating a new CURVE keypair.

char public_key [41];
char secret_key [41];
int rc = zmq_curve_keypair (public_key, secret_key);
assert (rc == 0);

See Also

zmq_z85_decode(3) zmq_z85_encode(3) zmq_curve(7)


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Referenced By

zmq(7), zmq_curve_public(3), zmq_setsockopt(3), zmq_z85_decode(3), zmq_z85_encode(3).

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