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return value of atomic counter


int zmq_atomic_counter_value (void *counter);


The zmq_atomic_counter_value function returns the value of an atomic counter created by zmq_atomic_counter_new(). This function uses platform specific atomic operations.

Return Value

The zmq_atomic_counter_value() function returns the value of the atomic counter. If counter does not point to an atomic counter created by zmq_atomic_counter_new(), the behaviour is undefined.


Test code for atomic counters.

void *counter = zmq_atomic_counter_new ();
assert (zmq_atomic_counter_value (counter) == 0);
assert (zmq_atomic_counter_inc (counter) == 0);
assert (zmq_atomic_counter_inc (counter) == 1);
assert (zmq_atomic_counter_inc (counter) == 2);
assert (zmq_atomic_counter_value (counter) == 3);
assert (zmq_atomic_counter_dec (counter) == 1);
assert (zmq_atomic_counter_dec (counter) == 1);
assert (zmq_atomic_counter_dec (counter) == 0);
zmq_atomic_counter_set (counter, 2);
assert (zmq_atomic_counter_dec (counter) == 1);
assert (zmq_atomic_counter_dec (counter) == 0);
zmq_atomic_counter_destroy (&counter);
return 0;

See Also

zmq_atomic_counter_new(3) zmq_atomic_counter_set(3) zmq_atomic_counter_inc(3) zmq_atomic_counter_dec(3) zmq_atomic_counter_destroy(3)


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Referenced By

zmq(7), zmq_atomic_counter_dec(3), zmq_atomic_counter_destroy(3), zmq_atomic_counter_inc(3), zmq_atomic_counter_new(3), zmq_atomic_counter_set(3).

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