zmq_atomic_counter_new - Man Page

create a new atomic counter


void *zmq_atomic_counter_new (void);


The zmq_atomic_counter_new function creates a new atomic counter. You can use this in multithreaded applications to do, for example, reference counting of shared objects. The atomic counter is at least 32 bits large. This function uses platform specific atomic operations.

Return Value

The zmq_atomic_counter_new() function returns the new atomic counter if successful. Otherwise it returns NULL.


Test code for atomic counters.

void *counter = zmq_atomic_counter_new ();
assert (zmq_atomic_counter_value (counter) == 0);
assert (zmq_atomic_counter_inc (counter) == 0);
assert (zmq_atomic_counter_inc (counter) == 1);
assert (zmq_atomic_counter_inc (counter) == 2);
assert (zmq_atomic_counter_value (counter) == 3);
assert (zmq_atomic_counter_dec (counter) == 1);
assert (zmq_atomic_counter_dec (counter) == 1);
assert (zmq_atomic_counter_dec (counter) == 0);
zmq_atomic_counter_set (counter, 2);
assert (zmq_atomic_counter_dec (counter) == 1);
assert (zmq_atomic_counter_dec (counter) == 0);
zmq_atomic_counter_destroy (&counter);
return 0;

See Also

zmq_atomic_counter_set(3) zmq_atomic_counter_inc(3) zmq_atomic_counter_dec(3) zmq_atomic_counter_value(3) zmq_atomic_counter_destroy(3)


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Referenced By

zmq(7), zmq_atomic_counter_dec(3), zmq_atomic_counter_destroy(3), zmq_atomic_counter_inc(3), zmq_atomic_counter_set(3), zmq_atomic_counter_value(3).

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