zip_set_default_password - Man Page

set default password for encrypted files in zip


libzip (-lzip)


#include <zip.h>

zip_set_default_password(zip_t *archive, const char *password);


The zip_set_default_password() function sets the default password used when accessing encrypted files. If password is NULL or the empty string, the default password is unset.

If you prefer a different password for single files, use zip_fopen_encrypted(3) instead of zip_fopen(3). Usually, however, the same password is used for every file in an zip archive.

The password is not verified when calling this function. See the CAVEATS section in zip_fopen_encrypted(3) for more details about password handling.

Return Values

Upon successful completion 0 is returned. Otherwise, -1 is returned and the error information in archive is set to indicate the error.


zip_set_default_password() fails if:


Required memory could not be allocated.

See Also

libzip(3), zip_fopen(3), zip_fopen_encrypted(3)


zip_set_default_password() was added in libzip 0.10.


Dieter Baron <> and Thomas Klausner <>

Referenced By

libzip(3), zip_file_set_encryption(3), zip_fopen(3), zip_fopen_encrypted(3).

September 15, 2020