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zip_get_num_entries - Man Page

get number of entries in archive


libzip (-lzip)


#include <zip.h>

zip_get_num_entries(zip_t *archive, zip_flags_t flags);


The zip_get_num_entries() function returns the number of entries in archive. Entries are all files that are present in the original archive or that were added while the archive is open. This includes deleted files, since indices are not renumbered until the archive is closed. (This allows to refer to deleted files, e. g. to undelete them.)

If flags is set to ZIP_FL_UNCHANGED, the original number of files is returned.

Return Values

zip_get_num_entries() returns the number of entries in the zip archive, or -1 if archive is NULL.

See Also

libzip(3), zip_fopen_index(3), zip_stat_index(3)


zip_get_num_entries() was added in libzip 0.10. In libzip 0.11 the return type was changed from zip_uint64_t to zip_int64_t. In libzip 0.11 the type of flags was changed from int to zip_flags_t.


Dieter Baron <dillo@nih.at> and Thomas Klausner <tk@giga.or.at>

Referenced By

libzip(3), zip_fopen(3), zip_fopen_encrypted(3), zip_get_num_files(3), zip_stat(3).

August 19, 2022