zip_close - Man Page

close zip archive


libzip (-lzip)


#include <zip.h>

zip_close(zip_t *archive);


The zip_close() function writes any changes made to archive to disk. If archive contains no files, the file is completely removed (no empty archive is written). If successful, archive is freed. Otherwise archive is left unchanged and must still be freed.

To close and free a zip archive without saving changes, use zip_discard(3).

Progress updates for GUIs can be implemented using zip_register_progress_callback_with_state(3). Cancelling the write of an archive during zip_close can be implemented using zip_register_cancel_callback_with_state(3).

Return Values

Upon successful completion 0 is returned. Otherwise, -1 is returned and the error code in archive is set to indicate the error.


zip_close() will fail if:


Unexpected end-of-file found while reading from a file.


The callback function of an added or replaced file returned an error but failed to report which.


The path argument is NULL.


Required memory could not be allocated.


File is not a zip archive.


A file read failed.


A temporary file could not be renamed to its final name.


A file seek failed.


A temporary file could not be created.


A file write failed.


An error occurred while (de)compressing a stream with zlib(3).

Additionally, any errors returned by the callback function for added or replaced files will be passed back.

See Also

libzip(3), zip_discard(3), zip_fdopen(3), zip_get_error(3), zip_open(3), zip_register_cancel_callback_with_state(3), zip_register_progress_callback_with_state(3), zip_strerror(3)


zip_close() was added in libzip 0.6.


Dieter Baron <> and Thomas Klausner <>


Please note that all indices, zip_stat(3) information and other data about the archive is invalid after zip_close. When you open the same file again, it will be a completely new zip_t structure.

Referenced By

libzip(3), zip_discard(3), zip_fdopen(3), zip_open(3), zip_register_cancel_callback_with_state(3), zip_register_progress_callback(3), zip_register_progress_callback_with_state(3), zip_source(3), zip_source_filep(3).

April 1, 2022