xosd - Man Page

X on-screen display library


#include <xosd.h>

xosd* xosd_create(int number_lines);

int xosd_uninit (xosd* osd);

int xosd_display (xosd* osd, int line,
                  xosd_command command, ...);

int xosd_is_onscreen(xosd* osd);

int xosd_wait_until_no_display(xosd* osd);

int xosd_hide (xosd* osd);

int xosd_show (xosd* osd);

int xosd_set_pos (xosd* osd, xosd_pos pos);

int xosd_set_vertical_offset (xosd* osd, int offset);

int xosd_set_horizontal_offset (xosd* osd, int offset);

int xosd_set_align (xosd* osd, xosd_align align)

int xosd_set_shadow_offset (xosd* osd, int shadow_offset);

int xosd_set_timeout (xosd* osd, int timeout);

int xosd_set_font (xosd* osd, char* font);

int xosd_set_colour (xosd* osd, char* colour);

int xosd_get_colour (xosd* osd,
                     int* red, int* green, int* blue);

int xosd_scroll (xosd* osd, int lines);

int xosd_get_number_lines ( xosd* osd);


xosd is a library for displaying an on-screen display (like the one on many TVs) on your X display. Each function should have it's own manpage.

The latest version can be found on http://www.ignavus.net/software.html

It is distributed under the GNU General Public License.


No known bugs at the moment. There are probably functions that aren't listed here.

Bug reports can be sent to tnw13@cosc.canterbury.ac.nz


#include <xosd.h>

int main (int argc, char *argv[])
	xosd *osd;

	osd = xosd_create (1);

	xosd_set_font(osd, "fixed");
	xosd_set_colour(osd, "LawnGreen");
	xosd_set_timeout(osd, 3);
	xosd_set_shadow_offset(osd, 1);
	xosd_display (osd, 0, XOSD_string, "Example XOSD output");


	xosd_uninit (osd);



Martijn van de Streek <martijn@foodfight.org>, Some patching by Malcolm Valentine <farkit@iprimus.com.au> and Tim Wright <tim@ignavus.net>.

xosd was written by Andre Renaud <andre@ignavus.net> and is maintained by Tim Wright <tim@ignavus.net>.

See Also

More information on the X OSD Library and its author can be found on http://www.ignavus.net/software.html. Each function has its own man-page. See there for more information.


December 2000 X OSD Library