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xmlcopy.3am - Man Page

Provides token reconstruction facilities to gawk-xml.


@include "xmlcopy"

result = XmlToken()

XmlSetAttribute(name, value)


The xmlcopy awk library adds the ability to reconstruct the current XML token. The token can be modified before reconstruction.

Token reconstruction


Returns an XML string that represents the current token. The token is reconstructed from the predefined variables XMLEVENT, XMLNAME, XMLATTR and $0. They can have the original current token values or user modified ones.


Writes an XML string that represents the current token, as returned by XmlToken().

Token modification

XmlSetAttribute(name, value)

Adds or replaces the (name, value) entry in XMLATTR. Adds name to $0 if not already in it.


Removes name from $0, so XmlToken() will ignore it. Keeps XMLATTR unchanged..


The xmlcopy library includes the xmlbase library. Its functionality is implicitly available.


When an XML declaration is reconstructed, the advertised encoding may not match the actual encoding.

See Also

XML Processing With gawk, xmlbase(3am), xmltree(3am), xmlsimple(3am), xmlwrite(3am).


Manuel Collado, m-collado@users.sourceforge.net.

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