xmlbase.3am - Man Page

Provides some basic functionality to gawk-xml.


@include "xmlbase"

result = XmlEscape(str)
result = XmlEscapeQuote(str)



The xmlbase awk library adds some basic facilities to the gawk-xml extension.

Automatic error reporting

The xmlbase library contains a rule that automatically invokes XmlCheckError() at ENDFILE.


Returns the string argument with the basic XML metacharacters (<, >, &) replaced by their predefined XML escape sequences.


Returns the string argument with all the XML metacharacters (<, >, &, ", ') replaced by their predefined XML escape sequences.


Prints a formatted diagnostic message showing FILENAME, XMLROW, XMLCOL, XMLLEN and the string argument.


If either XMLERROR or ERRNO have a non-null value, invokes XmlWriteError() on it. XMLERROR takes precedence over ERRNO. If ERRNO is used then it is cleared, to avoid duplicated error reports.


The xmlbase library automatically loads the xml gawk extension.


The error reporting facility may not suit everybody.


Manuel Collado, m-collado@users.sourceforge.net.

See Also

XML Processing With gawk, xmlcopy(3am), xmltree(3am), xmlsimple(3am), xmlwrite(3am).

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