wxGridCellChoiceEditor.3erl - Man Page

Functions for wxGridCellChoiceEditor class


Grid cell editor for string data providing the user a choice from a list of strings.

See: wxGridCellEditor, wxGridCellAutoWrapStringEditor (not implemented in wx), wxGridCellBoolEditor, wxGridCellEnumEditor (not implemented in wx), wxGridCellFloatEditor, wxGridCellNumberEditor, wxGridCellTextEditor, wxGridCellDateEditor (not implemented in wx)

This class is derived (and can use functions) from: wxGridCellEditor

wxWidgets docs: wxGridCellChoiceEditor

Data Types

wxGridCellChoiceEditor() = wx:wx_object()


new(Choices) -> wxGridCellChoiceEditor()

Choices = [unicode:chardata()]

new(Choices, Options :: [Option]) -> wxGridCellChoiceEditor()

Choices = [unicode:chardata()]
Option = {allowOthers, boolean()}

Choice cell renderer ctor.

setParameters(This, Params) -> ok

This = wxGridCellChoiceEditor()
Params = unicode:chardata()

Parameters string format is "item1[,item2[...,itemN]]".

This method can be called before the editor is used for the first time, or later, in which case it replaces the previously specified strings with the new ones.

destroy(This :: wxGridCellChoiceEditor()) -> ok

Destroys the object.


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