wxGridCellBoolEditor.3erl - Man Page

Functions for wxGridCellBoolEditor class


Grid cell editor for boolean data.

See: wxGridCellEditor, wxGridCellAutoWrapStringEditor (not implemented in wx), wxGridCellChoiceEditor, wxGridCellEnumEditor (not implemented in wx), wxGridCellFloatEditor, wxGridCellNumberEditor, wxGridCellTextEditor, wxGridCellDateEditor (not implemented in wx)

This class is derived (and can use functions) from: wxGridCellEditor

wxWidgets docs: wxGridCellBoolEditor

Data Types

wxGridCellBoolEditor() = wx:wx_object()


new() -> wxGridCellBoolEditor()

Default constructor.

isTrueValue(Value) -> boolean()

Value = unicode:chardata()

Returns true if the given value is equal to the string representation of the truth value we currently use (see useStringValues/1).

useStringValues() -> ok
useStringValues(Options :: [Option]) -> ok

Option =
   {valueTrue, unicode:chardata()} |
   {valueFalse, unicode:chardata()}

This method allows you to customize the values returned by wxGridCellNumberEditor:getValue/1 for the cell using this editor.

By default, the default values of the arguments are used, i.e. "1" is returned if the cell is checked and an empty string otherwise.

destroy(This :: wxGridCellBoolEditor()) -> ok

Destroys the object.


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