wxFileDataObject.3erl - Man Page

Functions for wxFileDataObject class


wxFileDataObject is a specialization of wxDataObject for file names. The program works with it just as if it were a list of absolute file names, but internally it uses the same format as Explorer and other compatible programs under Windows or GNOME/KDE file manager under Unix which makes it possible to receive files from them using this class.

See: wxDataObject, wxDataObjectSimple (not implemented in wx), wxTextDataObject, wxBitmapDataObject, wxDataObject

This class is derived (and can use functions) from: wxDataObject

wxWidgets docs: wxFileDataObject

Data Types

wxFileDataObject() = wx:wx_object()


new() -> wxFileDataObject()


addFile(This, File) -> ok

This = wxFileDataObject()
File = unicode:chardata()

Adds a file to the file list represented by this data object (Windows only).

getFilenames(This) -> [unicode:charlist()]

This = wxFileDataObject()

Returns the array of file names.

destroy(This :: wxFileDataObject()) -> ok

Destroys the object.


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