wxDropFilesEvent.3erl - Man Page

Functions for wxDropFilesEvent class


This class is used for drop files events, that is, when files have been dropped onto the window.

The window must have previously been enabled for dropping by calling wxWindow:dragAcceptFiles/2.

Important note: this is a separate implementation to the more general drag and drop implementation documented in the overview_dnd. It uses the older, Windows message-based approach of dropping files.

Remark: Windows only until version 2.8.9, available on all platforms since 2.8.10.

See: Overview events, wxWindow:dragAcceptFiles/2

This class is derived (and can use functions) from: wxEvent

wxWidgets docs: wxDropFilesEvent


Use wxEvtHandler:connect/3 with wxDropFilesEventType to subscribe to events of this type.

Data Types

wxDropFilesEvent() = wx:wx_object()
wxDropFiles() = 
    #wxDropFiles{type = wxDropFilesEvent:wxDropFilesEventType(),
                 pos = {X :: integer(), Y :: integer()},
                 files = [unicode:chardata()]}
wxDropFilesEventType() = drop_files


getPosition(This) -> {X :: integer(), Y :: integer()}

This = wxDropFilesEvent()

Returns the position at which the files were dropped.

Returns an array of filenames.

getNumberOfFiles(This) -> integer()

This = wxDropFilesEvent()

Returns the number of files dropped.

getFiles(This) -> [unicode:charlist()]

This = wxDropFilesEvent()

Returns an array of filenames.


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