wxAcceleratorTable.3erl - Man Page

Functions for wxAcceleratorTable class


An accelerator table allows the application to specify a table of keyboard shortcuts for menu or button commands.

The object ?wxNullAcceleratorTable is defined to be a table with no data, and is the initial accelerator table for a window.


Remark: An accelerator takes precedence over normal processing and can be a convenient way to program some event handling. For example, you can use an accelerator table to enable a dialog with a multi-line text control to accept CTRL-Enter as meaning 'OK'.

Predefined objects (include wx.hrl): ?wxNullAcceleratorTable

See: wxAcceleratorEntry, wxWindow:setAcceleratorTable/2

wxWidgets docs: wxAcceleratorTable

Data Types

wxAcceleratorTable() = wx:wx_object()


new() -> wxAcceleratorTable()

Default ctor.

new(N, Entries) -> wxAcceleratorTable()

N = integer()
Entries = [wxAcceleratorEntry:wxAcceleratorEntry()]

Initializes the accelerator table from an array of wxAcceleratorEntry.

destroy(This :: wxAcceleratorTable()) -> ok

Destroys the wxAcceleratorTable object.

See overview_refcount_destruct for more info.

ok(This) -> boolean()

This = wxAcceleratorTable()

See: isOk/1.

isOk(This) -> boolean()

This = wxAcceleratorTable()

Returns true if the accelerator table is valid.


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