wl_shm_pool man page

wl_shm_pool —


Public Member Functions

void wl_shm_pool_unref (struct wl_shm_pool *pool)

Data Fields

struct wl_resource * resource

int internal_refcount

int external_refcount

char * data

int32_t size

int32_t new_size

Member Function Documentation

void wl_shm_pool_unref (struct wl_shm_pool * pool)

Unreference a shm_pool


pool The pool object

Drops a reference to a wl_shm_pool object.

This is only necessary if the compositor has explicitly taken a reference with wl_shm_buffer_ref_pool(), otherwise the pool will be automatically destroyed when appropriate.

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Field Documentation

char* wl_shm_pool::data

int wl_shm_pool::external_refcount

int wl_shm_pool::internal_refcount

int32_t wl_shm_pool::new_size

struct wl_resource* wl_shm_pool::resource

int32_t wl_shm_pool::size


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