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wl_interface - Man Page


#include <wayland-util.h>

Data Fields

const char * name
int version
int method_count
const struct wl_message * methods
int event_count
const struct wl_message * events

Detailed Description

Protocol object interface

A wl_interface describes the API of a protocol object defined in the Wayland protocol specification. The protocol implementation uses a wl_interface within its marshalling machinery for encoding client requests.

The name of a wl_interface is the name of the corresponding protocol interface, and version represents the version of the interface. The members method_count and event_count represent the number of methods (requests) and events in the respective wl_message members.

For example, consider a protocol interface foo, marked as version 1, with two requests and one event.

<interface name="foo" version="1">
  <request name="a"></request>
  <request name="b"></request>
  <event name="c"></event>

Given two wl_message arrays foo_requests and foo_events, a wl_interface for foo might be:

struct wl_interface foo_interface = {
        "foo", 1,
        2, foo_requests,
        1, foo_events

The server side of the protocol may define interface implementation types that incorporate the term interface in their name. Take care to not confuse these server-side structs with a wl_interface variable whose name also ends in interface. For example, while the server may define a type struct wl_foo_interface, the client may define a struct wl_interface wl_foo_interface.

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Field Documentation

int wl_interface::event_count

Number of events

const struct wl_message* wl_interface::events

Event signatures

int wl_interface::method_count

Number of methods (requests)

const struct wl_message* wl_interface::methods

Method (request) signatures

const char* wl_interface::name

Interface name

int wl_interface::version

Interface version


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